The Ultimate 3.5T Horsebox Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for a safe and reliable horsebox for your equestrian needs? From finding the right fit for your needs and knowing what features to look out for is essential when picking out your perfect new horsebox. Here is our ultimate guide to help you choose the best horsebox for you.The R240 was launched in 2022 as a predecessor to the  R160 and after years of development with the leading equestrian experts in the UK & Ireland to provide everyone with horse boxes which are truly ‘Built Beyond’.

Different types of horseboxes and what to consider when choosing one:

A horsebox is a lorry/truck designed – or converted – specifically to travel horses. There are rear-facing, forward-facing and herringbone options. Like trailers, there is a big range in size from two-horse 3.5t horseboxes like the Overlander R240 with minimal living area, to vast 10-horse trucks with room for a small family to stay in style. Horseboxes – also known as lorries or horse trucks — tend to be the preferred option for most riders.

There are two different styles of Horsebox builds on the market:

Purpose-built horseboxes, like Overlander Horseboxes, are created with one job in mind – transporting your horses safely and comfortably. These are built on a brand-new chassis vehicles, meaning they’re often a more expensive option, but will only have delivery milage on the clock and come with a full chassis warranty and also a full body conversion warranty.

Converted horseboxes started life with a different purpose, but the vehicle has since been re-worked to make them suitable for transporting horses. Because they’ve previously been used for something else, they’ll have a much higher mileage than a new, purpose-built lorry/truck and may not have any warranty cover.

The essential features you need in a horsebox

Travelling time for the Horse is often overlooked, but it’s key to remember that travelling as a horse is ‘work’. A horse will use a lot of energy whilst travelling and holding balance. It is paramount to performance that they have a good journey to their event, and in turn it’s also important to give the horse a comfortable ride home to ensure they have a good recovery.

With this in mind, the Overlander R240 is built on a brand-new Peugeot chassis and the suspension affords a smoother ride over the bumpy roads and the entry level model comes with a bunch of features that we see as essential:

·       Solid & durable construction

·       Non-slip sealed rubber flooring

·       Easy-to-handle ramp that can be operated by one person

·       Reinforced bulkhead between the horse area and cab

·       Storage areas where you can safely leave tack and other kit

·       Easy to operate moveable partition and stall doors

·       Ample windows & skylight for ventilation

·       Interior lamps and calming lights while on the move

·       Interior camera system

·       Fan for increased airflow

Safety considerations for a horsebox

It is important to consider the safety of your horse when selecting a horsebox. Look for a box that is equipped with rubber non-slip flooring, as this will reduce the chances of your horse slipping. Additionally, consider the presence of any sharp edges that could cause damage during transit. Doors should be easy to operate and should close securely to ensure that your horses are safe and all doors should have minimal gaps or openings that could cause injury. Finally, look out for additional safety measures such stall view cameras which will alert you if something is wrong during travel.


The 2-stall 3.5t horseboxes are compact and easy to drive. You can drive a 3.5t horsebox on your car licence (B category) without additional qualifications. In order to drive larger horseboxes you will have to upgrade your licence, and very large boxes will require an HGV licence entitlement.

Travelling in Europe

Even if you’ve got all the right licence categories and insurance to drive a horsebox in the UK, you may need to get even more paperwork sorted out if you want to travel abroad. Your horse will have to have its own ‘passport’, and documentation including all vaccination certificates, but you’ll also need to make sure that the Horsebox itself is certified for EU travel.

If you are either taking the ferry or the Eurotunnel is there are certain aspects to look out for. The R240 Overlander comes equip with x4 ferry lashing points as standard.  For both a ferry crossing and the Eurotunnel, the ventilation system must be capable of ensuring even distribution throughout the stall area of the Horsebox. The ventilation system must be capable of operating for at least 4 hours, independently of the vehicle engine. The R240 2-Stall Overlander is Eurotunnel compliant and as standard is fitted with a battery guard so that when the ventilation system is running it always leaves enough power in the battery to start the vehicle.

Additional features you might consider

The entry model Overlander R240 Horsebox comes equipped with a high level of specification. However, we also offer PLUS and SPORT models. For comfort additions would be leather seats for the driver and passengers, touch screen entertainment system and colour matched bumpers and wing mirrors.

One of the most sought after additions is a towbar and rear step. The Overlander R240 Horsebox can tow a train weight of 6 tonne. This allows for greater flexibility if you also wanted to tow a cargo trailer for more gear or even a horsebox trailer.

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