Looking for a new Horsebox?

The R240 2-Stall Horsebox is our flagship vehicle providing excellent performance and increased efficiency, the fully fitted R240 utilises a 2.0L BlueHDi diesel engine, with 6-speed manual transmission, offering 140 BHP. The 3.5 tonne R240 has been handcrafted with the safety of the horse at the forefront, using top quality materials throughout. We are happy to be able to offer this wonderful top tier vehicle, built from scratch in Co. Antrim, to our customers nationally and beyond as an investment that will see you arriving at your destination in perfect comfort and style, coupled with intricately planned modern day usability.

As a quick overview of notable BUILD features with our flagship vehicle we’ll start with the floor – the Overlander Vehicles R240 features a triple layer aluminium flooring covered  with a rubber coating to offer a superior, lasting finish; protecting your vehicle from the elements all while being gentle on your horse’s hoofs. Sharp edges can become a problem over the course of time in horseboxes new and aged – Our body panel design and unique interior stall system allows for a safe travelling area for the Horse.

Our tried and tested bulkhead system is market leading and is designed around the horse for safety and comfort. However, due to the build quality of the Bulkhead it also provides comfort for the driver in the cab.  Our ramp uses advanced composite aluminium materials, the Overlander Ramp and Spring Assist system allows for safe loading and unloading which you can easily use alone with confidence or alongside your team.

“…you want it to be a vehicle that’s going to hold its value. The more fragile the product is, the quicker it’s going to depreciate on you, or even worse, you end up with a vehicle that no one is going to want second hand because there’s just too many problems with it. After 18 months of really being on the road four or five days a week, sometimes doing multiple trips per day- we power hose it [R240] regularly and it just looks brand new again. I’ve never looked back!”

Sam Watson – Irish Eventing Rider

It was of paramount importance to us when designing the R240, to provide our customers with a product that could be resistant to the daily wears and tears associated with the Equine lifestyle, whether that is the professional rider or domestic hobbyist, the R240 is built to last, to effortlessly look it’s best, and easy to maintain! Via the ‘Contact’ tab on our website we are happy to answer any questions you may have, facilitate a  demo for you, and can provide you with details on finance options available to you for our R240.

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