Gain an NVQ in Hairdressing

Gain an NVQ in Hairdressing

Gain an NVQ in Hairdressing

Our Level 1 Certificate and Level 2 and 3 Diplomas in Hairdressing are some of our most popular courses.  Hundreds of students have joined Rutledge to start and progress their career in hairdressing with many opting initially to do the Introductory Course to the Hair and Beauty Sector.  This background setting course is perfect for those who have never worked in this industry or have recently started a new role in hair or beauty.  It focuses on the basics to teach and allow students to practice their core skills while learning the professional behaviours that would be expected for those working in the hairdressing and beauty sector.  Students can then choose from a range of units to complete their certificate such as nail art, skin care, styling men or women’s hair or photographic make-up.  These optional modules are designed to help each student to build their skills for their chosen job role or to take the opportunity to test out new areas or develop their skills in an area they are interested in or would like to work in.

For those who have chosen hairdressing as their future career, students can then progress to the Level 2 and Level 3 Diplomas.  Both courses are designed to be completed with a mix of theory and practical learning, so students with a job in the sector can earn while they learn if they like. If you don’t have a current role or work placement, don’t worry, there are also options for those with little or no experience or who aren’t currently working in the sector.

In the Level 2 Diploma, students will develop their skills, knowledge and the practical experience which are key to working in hairdressing.  This includes demonstrating how to consult with clients, ensure they are relaxed and providing the practical skills needed including cutting, drying, colouring and styling.  Completion of the course enables students to prove their competence as a Junior stylist.  Students can also choose from a range of optional modules to meet their learning goals such as basic techniques for cutting men’s hair, creative hair extensions, hair colour correction and the generic skills needed to work in the sector such as salon reception duties and promotional activities.

For those who have completed Level 2 Hairdressing and are ready to progress further in their career, the Level 3 Diploma then allows students to develop their knowledge and skills to become a Senior Stylist.  It is also suitable for those who have been undertaking a stylist role without a recognised qualification and who want to demonstrate their professional competence.  Some of our students undertake this course because they want to try or develop their skills in a particular specialism such as working as a colour technician, a cutting and styling technician or providing bridal hair.  The course focuses on learning creative techniques but it also aims to build each student’s confidence in looking after their clients.

If you think an NVQ course in hairdressing might be something you are interested in, please call Rutledge on XX or contact us using our contact form and we will be in touch to discuss your options.

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