Benefits of Using Linkedin

With over 600 Million current members, Linkedin is the ideal place to find your potential Clients, Business Partners and even Funding sources.  Remember though, that it is a ‘Relationship-Building Platform’…It is not a ‘Magic Bullet’ but rather a ‘Slow Burner’, but when you take your time to develop relationships rather than just pitch your wares it can become a B2B Goldmine!

Linkedin, when used strategically,  can help you: -.

* Grow and target your network

Unlike other Social Media platforms, where people follow and like with gay abandon,  most LinkedIn members are there for one reason, “To market themselves or their business” and are therefore more inclined to connecting with like-minded professionals.

* Keep in touch with your current customers

Social networking allows you to keep in direct contact with your customers in a way like never before. .

Small businesses are using it to keep in touch with vendors and clients, all the while gaining new vendors and clients; and individuals are there to build a resume, trying to find work, or creating networks and building contacts that they can use later down the road. 

LinkedIn gives you all the social media benefits of building and growing your network, but it lets you target that network and create it out of other professionally-minded individuals and businesses.*

* Hire new employees

Remember that many people who use LinkedIn are not small business owners, but are looking for a small business to work for – and yours could be just the one. LinkedIn allows you to perform an in-depth, localised, search on a person’s employment background, education history, and industry experience. 

* Keep an eye on the competition

Many business owners have already developed a LinkedIn profile for their business, and more are beginning to every day. The chances that your competitors are on LinkedIn are good, and this gives you another opportunity to find out what they’re doing, what campaigns they’re running, what they’re offering to customers, and how you can continue to be better than them. Worried that they won’t want to be part of your LinkedIn network? Don’t worry about that – they’re going to want to keep up with what you’re doing too!

* Increase your online reviews

Lots of business owners know how important online reviews are, and LinkedIn is a great way to build the number of reviews you have online for your business. One of the unique features of LinkedIn is that you can recommend other people and give them referrals, and they can do the same for you. When people search for your industry or a product or service your company provides, they’ll be looking for these reviews and will easily be able to find them. And, because LinkedIn pages generally get very high page rankings in the search engines, people will find those reviews whether they’re browsing LinkedIn – or outside of it.

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